About us

Our Story

What started as an idea to give college students a healthy alternative to energy drinks, energy shots, and other less than healthy “sources” to help them study and focus, coalesced into this unique, and we believe, amazing product known as Bonzer24®! We shared our formulation ideas with a talented and trusted chemist and put ourselves on a journey that lasted over a year before we arrived at our final formulation. Why did it take so long? Because, not only did we want Bonzer24 to contain great nutrition, but we also wanted our customers to feel a positive difference when they took it. That’s not easy to do, but we achieved that with Bonzer24. Everyone responds differently to a natural product like ours, but the strong majority of those who have tried Bonzer24 feel it’s positive benefits within minutes. Enjoy!


We want to make the process of ordering and receiving your Bonzer24® as seamless and simple as possible. So, we have implemented Shipping on most orders made within our website. In addition to this we are providing recurring billing options and discounts to provide you your Bonzer24 as simple and hassle as possible!


Our goal is to provide products that improve daily life for all lifestyles. With the highest quality ingredients, formulated by renowned laboratories, using the most cutting edge technologies, state of the art machinery and made in the good ole USA.

Mission, Values and Beliefs

We strive to provide products that improve daily life for all lifestyles from 18 to 80. We believe a healthy body and mind is a vital key to living a happy and fulfilling life. With society moving faster and faster, the expectations and demands of daily life have increased dramatically in the past 20 years. From time to time, we all need a boost. Whether to assist with the stresses of daily life or just simply needing the “drive” to get through another day (possibly both in many cases). Healthy alternatives to the multitude of commonly used “energy products” out there is a must! We believe that when you try Bonzer24® yourself that you will feel as strongly about it as we do. We truly hope that you will receive the full benefits of the high quality natural ingredients in Bonzer24, just as we have experienced with our friends, families and, of course, ourselves!


As a student, I wake up early for class, and stay up late participating in extracurricular activities- I'm usually tired! Bonzer24 has been a life saver because it helps me stay awake through my morning classes and study sessions, and it allows me to have a focused and clear mind when taking finals. Before I started taking Bonzer24, I always felt like I was dragging myself from work to class and crashing every night, but now I feel uplifted all throughout my day! I honestly love this product, and I recommend it to all my friends!

Elizabeth B.

My friend gave me my first Bonzer24 to try on my all-nighter family road trip. I was the only one driving and wanted to try something different than my normal energy drinks. Wow! What a difference! I easily stayed awake, focused and alert. It was subtle yet very effective, which I really like! I can’t thank my friend enough for introducing me to this great product!

Rogier W.